Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fancy Fetish Indulgences...

Couple friends of mine recently asked me if I knew where they could find a high-end, non-scary fetish party. Actually I do. Kiki de Montparnasse, the most gorgeous lingerie and lifestyle store in NYC hosts monthly events including themed parties and galas.

Even if that might not be your cup of tea, their Soho boutique is worth visiting. They sell something to make everything feel super sexy...from Etoille camisoles and briefs, to 14k gold handcuffs and DVDs of romantic classics like Casablanca. The set up is incredible. I literally wanted to move in to one of their 1920s style dressing rooms which comes complete with art nouveau mirrors and feather boas.
79 Green Street
New York, NY

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Couture Cupcakes

I've known Monique Lopez, a sassy Latina self-proclaimed Glamourologist, for years and have always admired her ability to leave things a little pinker and prettier than she found them. I went to a Valentine's Day party this weekend and was greeted with the most gorgeous cupcakes I've EVER seen...nearly too pretty to eat. I looked at the packaging and attached card so I could recommend these in the future. It turns out my little Mo has started her own cupcake business!!

These are gorgeous and can be custom designed for any occasion. Check it out at:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sexy Canadian Songstress brings us some perfect Date Tunes

Ok so I've been accused of having less than impressive musical tastes. I own Paris Hilton's debut (and only) CD, it's true...but I still know AMAZING mood music when I hear it.

If you're planning a cozy evening at home for V-day, or any premeditated in-night, you absolutely must check out Ms. Joanna Levine. This Toronto born Folk-Rock/Indie singer has a killer voice and her lyrics are to die for. She plays all over NYC and can be seen next at:

-Pianos, Feb 22, 8pm
158 Ludlow Street, NYC

You can download tunes at:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gift Idea #4

You would think I work for Agent Provocateur due to the sheer number of times I plug them per month. Actually, I design for a pseudo-competitor but cannot get enough of their store...

AP recently launched their new fragrance, Diamond Dust, with tiny diamond crystals in the perfume. It also leaves a subtle shimmer effect...and just makes you feel spoiled.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentines Gift Idea # 3:

If you're a possessive guy or girl and want everyone to know your lady is TAKEN: this might be for you. Worn by Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton and other hollywood brat-packers, you can get one at:
Gold 185.00 or Silver 160.00

Alexander McQueen- Cheap and in NYC!!

Alexander McQueen is opening a pop-store/exhibit of his new McQ for Target collection next weekend. From what I've seen online the silhouettes look super cute with a very kitch butch meets femme overtone...

Check it out (and pick something up for me!! :) )

FEB 14th and FEB 15th ONLY
St Johns Center
330 West Houston

Surprise packages: super sexy for V-day!

Instead of the standard flowers on V-day, why not have your custom gift hand delivered?

My favourite service in Manhattan is Mobile Parcel. They are very fast and friendly and small gifts ( a shopping bag or smaller) can usually be picked up and delivered anywhere in the city for under 40.00.

Mobile Parcel