Friday, October 29, 2010

Have a Bunny-licious Halloween!!!

It's my fav holiday- here already.

Anne and I are being Madonna Vampires- more photos to come this weekend.

have a good one!!!

Best Weekend EVER

So as most of you know I proposed to Anne this summer with an elaborate nervewracking day of suprises. I should have known that Anne would want no less for me as well!!

I was in LA for work 2 weeks ago and came back at the end of the week to find that Anne had woken up early Saturday morning to go to the farmers market- a usual Sat AM occurence. She left me a a bottle wrapped in pink sparkly paper. ( I thought this was possibly a well timed gift of extra stength midol as i was experiencing the Freddy Krueger stabbing cramps that day) But when I opened the sparkly bottle there was a sterling silver "pill" with a message inside that read "Get ready for the best weekend of your life" next to a jewelry box- was it my engagement ring??!! Even though I proposed to Anne everyone knows that I wanted a sparkly accessory to mark this commitment also ;)

I opened the box and it was diamond hoop earrings- FAKEOUT - but such amazing earrings that there was no way I could possibly be dissappointed!
I continued to get dressed and Anne came home to tell me she was taking me to brunch-please pack:
-Mary Kate perfume (my signature scent)

"Why do I need eyeliner? Why do I need Mary Kate- is SHE going to be there???!"
"you NEVER know" Anne said

I packed all the above- incredibly confused and headed downstairs for brunch

When we arrived at the mystery location -Asiate, The Mandarin Oriental 35th floor restaraunt
I spotted my 2 besties: Jason and Oz!!

Bob Saget ironically sat down at the table next to ours...(Jason tried to not so slyly get a picture but did not succeed)

Though I remained hopeful: Mary Kate did NOT arrive.

But not even MK could top a fancy brunch with Anne and my fav boys!!! After that we did a little Upper West Side shopping!!

After harrassing anne with a million questions she told me she was taking me for manicures next (ooo manicures! i'm going to get my ring today that's gotta be why!)

After we walked into the salon, my other bestie Jackie (aka Yetta G) showed up to join us!!! OMG best day ever- its impossible to get all your New Yorker friends together in one weekend let alone in the same spot.

After our manicures and pedicures with Ms Yetta G anne said she had reservations for us to "Grab a drink downtown."
We arrived at the Ritz battery park and had a glass of champagne. When Anne grabbed the check she said "Just put this on the room"


We went upstairs to a GORGEOUS suite with a wall ceiling to floor view of the Statue of Liberty and a closet had been filled with new shoes and a dress for me to wear to dinner.

I started crying I was so touched and overwhelmed!! After I calmed down I realized what the eyeliner, and perfume were for (still didnt understand bananagrams) but realized that I still needed a few other things at the drugstore- I didn't pack my coldsore medicine-and feared the excitement of the day could cause an evil intruder!
( yup thats right...ever since I was little thanks to my mom and my big sis I've been cursed with coldsores)

We headed to the closest pharmacy before dinner. As we walked back to the hotel along the water I looked at the statue of liberty and told Anne
"usually I don't like waterviews, but I love the statue of liberty... I mean that's what my polish immigrant great grandparents first saw when they came over- maybe thats where the herpes came from? that sucks... anyway... usually I dont want to look at Brooklyn or New Jersey I want to look at MANHATTAN (gesturing vehemently to the edge of the island) THIS is where COOL begins and ends- right here. But I do love this view of the statue of liberty- where it all began!!"

And before I knew what was happening Anne pulled out the sparkliest ring ever and said "and thats why I want to spend the rest of my life with you- here on this island"

I was so shocked- (and a little embarrased for my inappropriate Manahattan-elite rant timing and the herpes/immigrant schpeel) but ecstatic!!!
We headed back to the hotel where Anne told me we should stop on the club level lounge for a glass of champagne to celebrate. When we arrived we saw our favourite couple Mel and Amy!! They, along with Jason had been the secret elves who brought the clothes and champagne to our suite in advance.- I love our friends!!

Mel & Amy took us out to a delicious dinner and then returned to the club lounge for more champagne and our favourite game Banagrams (yes we are super edgy ladies)

The next day after we checked out Anne told me we had early dinner plans at 4pm- i could not take any more suprises so I harrassed her for the details of who would be there? what should I wear? Will they come back to the apartment? should we tidy up???

I still had no idea who was going to be there but I suspected perhaps Jason, Oz and our posse of fab chelsea boys..but instead it Annes family all the way from New Jersey and my ENTIRE family from Pennsylvania...including my favourite niece, wearing pink leopard just for the occasion!

After dinner we headed around the corner to where all of our friends met up with us for a final congratulatory drink. It was the best weekend of my life. Not just because of the most sparkly ring in the whole world, but because of how much thought and love Anne put into planning it and because everyone I loved was able to share the celebration with us.

I am so grateful for all the incredible people in my life and especially to Anne for always making me feel surrounded in love :)
Oh yeah- and for immigrants and herpes;)