Saturday, December 26, 2009

LIP SERVICE (nope, not the new DIOR high gloss lacquer)

As much as I'm a huge advocate of super romantic dinners and perfectly planned gifts, I've recently realized that sometimes words are worth a thousand presents.

Over the holidays I gave my mother an adorable winter coat. She loved it and it fit perfectly. My mom put it on and smiled as she zipped it up, she knew it suited her and that she looked great...Until my dad walked in and said : "Really? That looks at least a size too small for you." (Important side note: my father thinks fleece camoflage pants are haute couture)

I was really bummed out by this because:
1) Selfishly, I had picked out and given her this coat and
2) My mom is a really pretty and stylish lady who looks great in all her clothes but this comment completely changed her mood. He took the "I feel pretty" out of her step and it showed instantly.

Another friend of mine recently recounted a nervous third date when she decided to step outside her comfort zone and wear a sexy La Perla garter belt and thigh highs sans underwear. In the heat of the moment her boyfriend looked confused instead of gratefully surprised and asked, "You came over here like that?! I mean you sat in the subway in your dress without underwear?" Needless to say he completely killed the mood along with any future lingerie endeavors his date may have wanted to try.

My girlfriend's and my style could not be more opposite. I own enough feathers and rhinestones to outfit an entire cast of Vegas showgirls while she gravitates toward crisp button downs and Brook Brothers Oxfords. But even though I probs wouldn't love a plaid button down shirt on a hanger, I think it looks stunning on her. Mostly because she is the most gorgeous girl in the world, but more importantly because I can see that she FEELS adorable in it...

Similarly she gets that I shine in a corseted dress and thigh high Christian Louboutin boots ( <--my xmas gift from her!!) And tells me I look beautiful...even though this look anywhere else might remind her of a deranged pirate.

So please, make sure to compliment your lady when she looks good. And even if you may not always get what she's going for, try your best to be supportive when she's rocking a questionable look she FEELS good in. (Added bonus: you're way more likely to score if she feels sexy AND hears that you think she is too)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


YAY- my absolutely favourite time in NYC is here....

My two favourite things about December are gift-giving and Christmas movies. In the past few weeks my girlfriend and I have already seen every holiday film involving Jim Henson or Bing Crosby...If you are also a fan The Tribeca Grand is continuing its Sunday movie screenings with holiday classics.

SCROOGED is this sunday 12/20 at 4pm
RSVP here

or at 630pm:
RSVP here

200 CIGARETTES plays next Sunday 12/27 at 4pm
RSVP here

or 630pm:
RSVP here

a pre-fixe brunch is available before the 4pm showing for 34.95 or you can opt for a 3-course dinner after the 6:30pm show.

for brunch or dinner reservations call 212-965-3565

Tribeca Grand Hotel
310 West Broadway
NY, NY 10013

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaack!

It has been way too long my dears...

Perhaps because I was busy trying to convince myself I could temporarily live in Chicago...and after that, perhaps I was too busy plotting my move back. I followed my career to Chicago and in doing so left behind the two loves of my life: my girlfriend Anne and Manhattan. After a very long six months I decided I needed to return to my leading ladies...and thank Madge, my hard work paid off. I've kept my position and am working out of a delicious pink home office in our new apt in Chelsea that my girlfriend painted especially for my return!!

Now that I'm back where I belong promise to be better at getting you romantic, pink sparkly posts on a regular basis.