Monday, September 19, 2011

Fashion Week!!!

Super excited about Playboy's amazing partnership with the Blonds at NYFW!

David and Phillipe Blond, the insanely talented design duo, presented their Spring 2012 collection inspired by Playboy

The masters of the new American corset paid homage to the original American corset (The Playboy Bunny costume) by creating various interpretations and brand new versions for Spring.

Hard to narrow it down to one favourite piece, but i have to say I especially loved Phillipe's Diamond Bunny corset that closed the show

The front row was packed with a slew of celebs/Blonds fans including Kat Graham, Porcelain Black, Pat Fields, Amanda LePore, and my personal fav Johnny Weir

If you can't afford a decedent Blond's corset this season, you can still take home a piece of their signature style (while donating to a great cause!) The Blonds are one of Playboys featured "Project Bunny" designers. A capsule collection where celebrity designers put their spin on the signature Palyboy Rabbithead. Proceeds go to Designers Against Aids.

Get yours today at

I'm Baaaaaaaack!

Hi guys- sorry for the long lapse in post but it has been a crazzzzy summer. As you know, Anne and I got married in August. And true to both our was quite a production

From the venue (ceremony in the theatre of Helen Mills, reception in the upstairs event space)

To Anne's stunning tuxedo inspired gown from Kleinfelds:

....And my niece Savannah- the "Diva bearer" of the ceremony:

And of course, being carried down the aisle in a roman litter by my best man, Jason Scarlatti and other bff Oz:

Our other close friend (and fellow Open-ministry Reverend) Adam married us on stage:

The best day ever!!!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011


Trisha Sadler's family have created a site in her memory:

with donations going to:
Turning Point of Lehigh Valley -
National Domestic Violence Hotline -

Please donate today!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

For Trisha

I just want to start out by saying this post isn't a typical one. It doesn't include tips for the sexiest summer lingerie or the new it-spot to find a sugarfree martini. It isn't fun, but it is more than necessary.

My childhood friend Trisha Sadler was violently murdered by her nine year boyfriend in her Bethlehem, PA home last friday. I don't wish to recount the graphic details, but the local authorities and co-workers have revealed that she had been in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend for several years. She apparently instructed co-workers to call the police if she didn't show up to work as he had previously threatened to kill her.

When my other childhood friend, Erin, called me this week to inform me we both stayed on the phone for what felt like hours silenced from shock. Erin and I have remained friends since the days of playing in our yard in Carlisle, Pennsylvania but both of us had lost contact with Trisha over the years as her family had moved from the neighborhood when we were still in middle school.

Trisha was an extremely caring and generous young girl. It seems like only yesterday that she was patiently helping me and several other younger girls with cheerleading routines as we struggled to remember all the positions that she had gracefully mastered. Trisha loved everything girly and glamourous -we used to play with her Barbies and paint each others nails in her bedroom for hours. The below photo is the two of us performing Material Girl in dresses from my mom's closet.

I had always assumed she would grow up to be an amazing choreographer or esthetician, get married, have children and live happily ever after. I never expected to hear the devestating news I recieved this Monday morning. In an effort to express our love and to honor Trisha's memory, Erin and I have been searching for a memorial service or a location to send tokens of our sympathy.

As we've been unable to locate any information so far (if anyone reading this has any additional info please contact me directly) In the meantime we have come up with an alternate plan. We have donated directly to the National Coalition against domestic violence in Memory of Trisha Sadler, and we encourage you to do the same:

Please pass this on to anyone who knew Trisha and help us to honor her memory.

Thank you so much!

Monday, April 11, 2011

FAME*US Pasties now for sale in the UK!

our FAME*US pasties are now available in the UK!!!

Check them out at

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sleep No More: an amazing NYC play/adventure

So last week when a friend of ours, affectionately known as "Culture Christy" sent out an invite to attend this "west chelsea independent play" I just said sure and didnt really know what I was in for. A few days later, my friend Michelle (who had actually clicked on the link in the email) said "This looks AH-MAZING" I decided to do some background research. One Gothamist article
( provides tips for the experience including:
- smoking weed before hand may increase the experience
-Bring cash for the caberet bar
- you are required to wear masks so this may be tricky if you wear glasses

Umm masks and a caberet bar YES PLEASE

*Thank god I prepared my outfit to match the white masks i had read about!* however when you look out into the "audience" it can be quite terrifying:

The play takes place in the McKittrick-an abandoned 3 story west chelsea hotel. It's kind of a mix between an extremely well produced haunted house (think entering The Shining) and an interactive theatre production of Macbeth...

I would DEFINITELY recommend going to see this before the production leaves New York (May 7th)

+I LOVED the set design (very authentic and detailed 1930s design in each and every room) You can touch and explore all items, search drawers and follow the actors around the hotel.

+The cabaret bar was amazing and felt like stepping into another era with a live band and old fashioned cocktails

-On the down side (or upside depending on whether you are going solo or not) it is hard to stay together in a group and members can get separated- you are given playing cards when you enter and must start off in the first elevator with like #s. However if you do go with friends, you're likely to all each experience different performances and rooms that you can meet back and share (Michelle saw a baby-eating rave that i somehow missed out on!)

-The play was a bit "harvest, harvest" for me (much like Smith Jerrods "Full Moon" Brooklyn play in Sex and the City Season 6 episode 5 : and I didn't really understand what the hell was going on...although i guess if your super familiar with Macbeth -like my drama major fiance, it was somewhat relevant ;)

Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel
530 W. 27th Street between 10th and 11th

tickets and info :

The Nudie Artist!

Last Thursday we attended another amazing opening gala at the Museum of Sex, The Nudie Artist: Burlesque Revived.
We attended the event with friends Jason and Trey, bloggers Emily and Abigail and fierce Burlesque performers Pink Champagne and Lady Chardonnay.

Definitely worth checking out as they have a vast collection of artwork and photographs documenting Burlesque from the "golden era" of the 1930s to neo-burlesque performers of today.

Museum of Sex
233 5th Ave

Monday, March 21, 2011

New Birthday Pasties!

Our newest FAME*US pasties are on fire-literally!
an awesome bday gift that resembles 2 tiny bday cakes and actually holds real candles*

(*light at your own risk)

check it out at our store:

PS. use SHOWMETHETWINSspring coupon code to get free shipping this month!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SHOW ME THE TWINS! Mary Kate and Ashley Pasties

Check out my and Anne's newest business venture into the world of pasties!!! After designing some awesome costumes for NYC's finest Burlesque performers i studied the quintessential Burlesque accessory: the pasty.

It turns out they are quite fun to make and Anne and I came up with a ton of super fun ideas- our newest capsule "Show me the twins" check out our store at :


Monday, February 28, 2011

AMAZING monthly jazz night in midtown

It's no secret that I LOVE LOVE LOVE any event that requires a costume, but Club Wit's End monthly jazz party at Flutes Champagne bar in midtown is one of the best theme parties I've been to in New York.

Anne, Jason and Trey and I arrived wondering if (as usual) we would be a tad over-dressed and over zealous...but much to our suprise the entire speak-easy style lounge looked like we had been transported to a different era. The gentlmen all sported bowties and tuxes while the ladies had the fiercest furs and headpieces ive ever seen under one roof!

they have dance lessons cooresponding to the month's theme at 8:30- this month was the charleston, next month will be tap to celebrate Fred Astaire :)

This Saturday was Academy Award themed so they also hosted a costume contest which I won with my handcrafted pearly ensemble !!

April is rumored to be Marlene Dietrich month (perfect for Anne!)

Check it out at:

Next party:

Saturday March 26th 7pm-Midnight
Flutes Champagne Bar Midtown
205 West 54th Street, New York City
Tel. 212.265.5169

Burlesque Benefit Show: update :)

The Burlesque Benefit Show at Don Hills on Friday was super fun- all the performers were amazing and I was so happy with the costumes :)

Lady Chardonnay and Kiki looked great in Playboy!

and in the Elvis costumes i made especially for their show:

check out Lady Chardonnay and Pink Champagne's classes, as well as upcoming performances here:

Friday, February 25, 2011

Eye Patches- the new fashion accessory for Spring?

God, I hope so! So after a crazy eye injury wednesday night -
I literally sprang out of bed at 2:30 AM from a dream that a crazy b*tch in a forrest stabbed me with a shard of glass, only to find out the pain remained (Freddy Kruger victim-style) and my eye was insanely red, swollen and tearing...

Anne made me go the hosital- another drama in itself as apparently 3am is crackhead o'clock at Beth Israel (the gentleman next to us with his fly down begged for Tuna and Viagra from a nurse) I didn't need either, just for someone to look at my eye. Hours later we gave up and went home, only to return to a dr the next morning. I was diagnosed with a Corneal Abrasion and given prescription drops... but I was also told not to wear eye makeup for 48 hrs- Egads!

With several upcoming events I've done some research...namely, googling "sexy eyepatch" here is what i've found:

Burlesque Legand Miss Astrid- j'dore

Kill Bill's hottie Elle Driver

and of course her MADGE-sty- (the queen still does it best! )

I've crafted the below for emergency use with a Duane Reade medical patch and swarovski crystals :)

Burlesque Benefit Show TONIGHT!!

Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp and Paper Dolls present:
'A Night to Remember'
Tonight Friday 2/25
Don Hills
51 Greenwich St (greenwich and spring st)
Doors Open at 830- show at 930
10 donation benefitting Lymphoma Research

Come support a great cause as the Playboy Design team has donated a gift bag of lingerie and other fun Playboy product for the shows raffle and the costumes for the Pink Chardonnays and Kiki are designed by ME :)

Cruise to Nowhere

This may be on the best and cheesiest date idea we've ever come up with! In a constant strive to discover new and innovative date venues, this valentine's weekend Anne and I boarded Norwegian Gem's "Cruise To Nowhere". The cruise ship, which can hold up to 2,394 passengers takes off from a mid town pier (boarding available from 12pm onward on the departure date) and returns the following morning.

for those of you who want all the crazy kitchy perks of a cruise (including a bowling alley, casino, arcade, theater, duty free shopping and unlimited food all under one gigantic roof) but don't think you could handle an actual long term version - this is for you....

Cheaper than a five star hotel and surprisingly fun- Anne and I highly recommend it.

Anne even caved and gave into the "bucket 'o' beer" at the end of the night

Check it out here:

Surprising perks:
+all amentites (including hot tubs) are open year round
+you can literally take your cocktail anywhere- whether you're lounging in a jacuzzi or playing at the arcade

Some downers:
+the restaraunts are not open for lunch or breakfast so you have to go to the buffet like cattle- i would recommend packing some snacks
+alcohol is not included so this is where you'll spend most of your $$- although prices are still more reasonable than manhattan bars :)