Monday, September 19, 2011

Fashion Week!!!

Super excited about Playboy's amazing partnership with the Blonds at NYFW!

David and Phillipe Blond, the insanely talented design duo, presented their Spring 2012 collection inspired by Playboy

The masters of the new American corset paid homage to the original American corset (The Playboy Bunny costume) by creating various interpretations and brand new versions for Spring.

Hard to narrow it down to one favourite piece, but i have to say I especially loved Phillipe's Diamond Bunny corset that closed the show

The front row was packed with a slew of celebs/Blonds fans including Kat Graham, Porcelain Black, Pat Fields, Amanda LePore, and my personal fav Johnny Weir

If you can't afford a decedent Blond's corset this season, you can still take home a piece of their signature style (while donating to a great cause!) The Blonds are one of Playboys featured "Project Bunny" designers. A capsule collection where celebrity designers put their spin on the signature Palyboy Rabbithead. Proceeds go to Designers Against Aids.

Get yours today at


Panty Buns said...

Great pic of you and Johnny Weir!!! He's such a superstar on ice - perfection and fabulous artistry .

I should have thought to be on the lookout for you on the net during NYFW what with your lingerie designing for Playboy.

Anne was gracious enough to be my friend on Facebook until they disappeared me and my account. Still love both of your blogs and the YouTube Channel you and Anne have.

Now it's on to enjoying your previous post I'm Baaaaaaaack! about "The best day ever!!!!!""

Panty Buns said...

I know this isn't the right post to leave this comment on but I really, really wanted to comment on a few things that I know you and Anne feel strongly about:

It's hard to find the words to express how outraged, disappointed, and aghast at what voters did in North Carolina last night. Hopefully, the Courts will eventually rule that our basic rights are not subject to popular vote. In the meantime it's hard for me to keep from going on a rat about the prevalent bigotry, hatred, ignorance and outright stupidity of what was done there. Billy Graham revealed himself to be a hate monger. I find myself thinking things like: What's the difference between the mentally handicapped and North Carolina voters? The N.C. voters deliberately chose to be bigoted retards which means the naturally mentally handicapped people are smarter. Sorry. I just feel like venting.

P.S.: I liked your post titled "MADONNA-bowl!!" but couldn't find it. On the subject of MDNA, WWMD about North Carolina? P.S.: Love your lingerie and MDNA related designs.