Thursday, August 5, 2010

Material Girl Clothing Launch at Macy's NYC

Madonna and her daughter Lourdes launched their clothing line ever-so-appropriately titled "Material Girl" at Macy's this tuesday.
Naturally I was one of the first in line to get my hands on the goods!!

Waiting in line was made much more pleasant than ever with the presence of:
1) a pink carpet and pink velvet ropes (a necessity for any premiere event)
2) Madonna look-alikes walking back and forth with boomboxes blaring her 80s hits
3) free giveaways from personalized "Material Girl" sunglasses to cupcakes

Once inside, I naturally attempted to buy everything!!

And made out like a bandit with 3 gorgeous dresses, a studded embellished miniskirt, sequin tap pants and some awesome jewelry all for under 200.00!!!
Go to Macy's or check it out online here

Lourdes' blog is a superfab added bonus to the site

As for the Cupcake Scandal (Yes, I recieved a few emails from individuals who had seen these associated press photos asking ARE YOU OFF CARBOLA??! DID YOU EAT SUGAR IN THE NAME OF HER HOLINESS?)

Truth be told I graciously accepted the cupcake, which was decorated beautifully with the pink "Material Girl" logo, from a Madonna doppleganger. I gave it to my fiance along with a buttondown from the collection. But I did have a tiny taste- and yes- it was just as heavenly as I imagine Madge's lips to be!