Monday, September 27, 2010

Like a Reverend

As many or you know I got ordained this spring in order to officiate my bff's wedding in Toronto last weekend. I was incredibly nervous, though i'm relatively comfortable with performing. It's always been a part of my routine whether at work in design presentations, in my old days as Toronto's premiere female-female impersonator....but this was different. It was someone else's big day! two of my best friends none the less.

The ceremony turned out beautifully- the bride and groom wrote their own vows which left everyone attending in tears and their friend/nyc musician Joanna Levine played a gorgeous version of the Beach Boy's God Only Knows while the bride walked down the isle.

Some tips I have for any other first time reverends out there:
1) PRE-GAME as always- practice practice practice.

2) Props are fun AND useful. I pasted my notes into a black leather bound Playboy notebook-official looking AND helpful and my white lace gloves made me feel totes legit!

3) When in doubt focus on the couple- I love those mofos so much, and they looked SO happy to be getting married that I knew I had to do a good job for them

4) If possible- bring your best friend and biggest supporter with you!

happy fall!!

Sorry for the lapse in posts kids!!

After my/Anne's engagement we went to gay pareeeee and I've been slacking a bit on my blog ever since.. Anne wrote an awesome blog about our trip:
which I will never be able to describe as eloquently so you should check it out :)

As for my absentee September- it's been a crazy month! Last Wednesday I competed in Regis and Kelly's High-heel-athon in Central Park. All decked out in my sparkliest I was prepared to win big.

But let me tell you there are some FAST b*tches in that race. I didn't win... THIS time, but I did recieve a jazzy "Finisher" medal and we all know how I LOVE flair! This is actually my very first piece of athletic flair so that in itself seems like quite an accomplishment.

I was also proud of the fact that though Kristin Chenoweth started 3 rows ahead of me, I managed to fly past the tiny diva, which I realized as I excitedly made rabbitears with my fingers as I passed the finished lines and a man from ABC grabbed me. I screamed and he said into his walkie talkie "Nevermind- NOT her, just another tiny sparkely blonde." Obviously flattered as a huge fan of Kristin's but startled none the less.

Though I am proud of 1) not falling and 2) my fancy finisher medal...I do plan to train harder for next years race!!