Monday, September 27, 2010

Like a Reverend

As many or you know I got ordained this spring in order to officiate my bff's wedding in Toronto last weekend. I was incredibly nervous, though i'm relatively comfortable with performing. It's always been a part of my routine whether at work in design presentations, in my old days as Toronto's premiere female-female impersonator....but this was different. It was someone else's big day! two of my best friends none the less.

The ceremony turned out beautifully- the bride and groom wrote their own vows which left everyone attending in tears and their friend/nyc musician Joanna Levine played a gorgeous version of the Beach Boy's God Only Knows while the bride walked down the isle.

Some tips I have for any other first time reverends out there:
1) PRE-GAME as always- practice practice practice.

2) Props are fun AND useful. I pasted my notes into a black leather bound Playboy notebook-official looking AND helpful and my white lace gloves made me feel totes legit!

3) When in doubt focus on the couple- I love those mofos so much, and they looked SO happy to be getting married that I knew I had to do a good job for them

4) If possible- bring your best friend and biggest supporter with you!

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Panty Buns said...

Weddings are such joyous occasions. i love them and am very much looking forward to (hopefully) being treated to seeing wedding photos of you and Anne some time in the future. You look so beautiful and happy together.

Congratulations on having gotten ordained and performing what must have been a wonderful wedding ceremony.

i didn't know you had been Toronto's premier female-female impersonator..... like in the movie "Victor Victoria"? So you and Anne are both stars! Stand up comedy, lingerie designing, acting, writing and blogging.... maybe after you are married i'll be seeing movie trailers on the YouTube channel Anne and you have been on..

Even simple weddings can be truly beautiful and inspiring. It's always nice when the couple choses interesting music for when the brides walks down the aisle or for the newly married couple on the way out.

i love all three of the photos in this post. :-)