Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sleep No More: an amazing NYC play/adventure

So last week when a friend of ours, affectionately known as "Culture Christy" sent out an invite to attend this "west chelsea independent play" I just said sure and didnt really know what I was in for. A few days later, my friend Michelle (who had actually clicked on the link in the email) said "This looks AH-MAZING" I decided to do some background research. One Gothamist article
( provides tips for the experience including:
- smoking weed before hand may increase the experience
-Bring cash for the caberet bar
- you are required to wear masks so this may be tricky if you wear glasses

Umm masks and a caberet bar YES PLEASE

*Thank god I prepared my outfit to match the white masks i had read about!* however when you look out into the "audience" it can be quite terrifying:

The play takes place in the McKittrick-an abandoned 3 story west chelsea hotel. It's kind of a mix between an extremely well produced haunted house (think entering The Shining) and an interactive theatre production of Macbeth...

I would DEFINITELY recommend going to see this before the production leaves New York (May 7th)

+I LOVED the set design (very authentic and detailed 1930s design in each and every room) You can touch and explore all items, search drawers and follow the actors around the hotel.

+The cabaret bar was amazing and felt like stepping into another era with a live band and old fashioned cocktails

-On the down side (or upside depending on whether you are going solo or not) it is hard to stay together in a group and members can get separated- you are given playing cards when you enter and must start off in the first elevator with like #s. However if you do go with friends, you're likely to all each experience different performances and rooms that you can meet back and share (Michelle saw a baby-eating rave that i somehow missed out on!)

-The play was a bit "harvest, harvest" for me (much like Smith Jerrods "Full Moon" Brooklyn play in Sex and the City Season 6 episode 5 : and I didn't really understand what the hell was going on...although i guess if your super familiar with Macbeth -like my drama major fiance, it was somewhat relevant ;)

Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel
530 W. 27th Street between 10th and 11th

tickets and info :

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