Friday, February 25, 2011

Cruise to Nowhere

This may be on the best and cheesiest date idea we've ever come up with! In a constant strive to discover new and innovative date venues, this valentine's weekend Anne and I boarded Norwegian Gem's "Cruise To Nowhere". The cruise ship, which can hold up to 2,394 passengers takes off from a mid town pier (boarding available from 12pm onward on the departure date) and returns the following morning.

for those of you who want all the crazy kitchy perks of a cruise (including a bowling alley, casino, arcade, theater, duty free shopping and unlimited food all under one gigantic roof) but don't think you could handle an actual long term version - this is for you....

Cheaper than a five star hotel and surprisingly fun- Anne and I highly recommend it.

Anne even caved and gave into the "bucket 'o' beer" at the end of the night

Check it out here:

Surprising perks:
+all amentites (including hot tubs) are open year round
+you can literally take your cocktail anywhere- whether you're lounging in a jacuzzi or playing at the arcade

Some downers:
+the restaraunts are not open for lunch or breakfast so you have to go to the buffet like cattle- i would recommend packing some snacks
+alcohol is not included so this is where you'll spend most of your $$- although prices are still more reasonable than manhattan bars :)

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