Friday, February 25, 2011

Eye Patches- the new fashion accessory for Spring?

God, I hope so! So after a crazy eye injury wednesday night -
I literally sprang out of bed at 2:30 AM from a dream that a crazy b*tch in a forrest stabbed me with a shard of glass, only to find out the pain remained (Freddy Kruger victim-style) and my eye was insanely red, swollen and tearing...

Anne made me go the hosital- another drama in itself as apparently 3am is crackhead o'clock at Beth Israel (the gentleman next to us with his fly down begged for Tuna and Viagra from a nurse) I didn't need either, just for someone to look at my eye. Hours later we gave up and went home, only to return to a dr the next morning. I was diagnosed with a Corneal Abrasion and given prescription drops... but I was also told not to wear eye makeup for 48 hrs- Egads!

With several upcoming events I've done some research...namely, googling "sexy eyepatch" here is what i've found:

Burlesque Legand Miss Astrid- j'dore

Kill Bill's hottie Elle Driver

and of course her MADGE-sty- (the queen still does it best! )

I've crafted the below for emergency use with a Duane Reade medical patch and swarovski crystals :)

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Panty Buns said...

I'm glad Anne was there to see you through your traumatic transition from nightmare dreaming through your wee hours Beth Israel odyssey, and of course, for your emergence as a Madge style fashion accessorizing. You look adorable in that last photo - almost too cute to imagine dressed as a pirate at a costume party, but definitely lovely enough for a high fashion party. I'm racking my brain trying to retrieve from my senior moment filled forgettery whether there wasn't another famous fashion designer who wore an eye patch. If the eye patch wasn't a fashion accessory item for Spring before, it is now! Heal well and pleasant dreams.