Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Playing Doctor...

Not what you're thinking I'm sure*

As the seasons begin to change a lot of my friends and co-workers seem to be suffering from some nasty ailments...If your lady is under the weather creativity is key.

A good friend of mine recently came down with mono, and between her mini-comas her fiance cooked up all her favourite snacks and served them to her in bed while playing her favourite movies.
Another girl I know just experienced a horrible coldsore episode(like zombies attacked her upper lip.) When she came home exhausted and feeling less than sexy from a dr's appointment her girlfriend suprised her with dinner from her favourite restaurant, cabernet (with a straw naturally) and ridiculous matching stick-on mustaches as a temporary fix.

*(on a more predictable note: the costume pictured WILL be available this Halloween here and local costume retailers)

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