Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sweet Date Spot! Vegan Chocolate- who knew?

I was recently looking for a cute wine and appetizer spot to take my mom and godmother before our dinner reservation. Anne and I love Cocoa V for their yummy dark chocolates and strange (but amazing) flavour combinations (ie chocolate covered edimame) They also offer all organic, free trade and vegan chocolates.

But we had never sat in their lounge area before. We decided to try it out and absolutely loved the adorable interior, great wine list and delicious chocolate plates. The chocolate plates are def the star of the menu! Served cheeseplate style on a cutting board with knives for sharing, the plates are thoughtfully prepared in categories:
-5 piece of chocolates of either Pure, Nut, Crunchy, Fruity or Exotic Fruit selections, $13.00/plate
( You can also create your own combination of 5 chocolates.)

We had a great time and I totes recommend Cocoa V as an adorable before or after dinner drink spot.

Cocoa V
179 9th Avenue
New York, NY

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Panty Buns said...

All those vegan chocolates and other goodies look absolutely yummy! ive been a vegetarian for 40 years and have gone vegan for periods of time. i like Amy's frozen vegan dinners (i'm embarrassed to say that i'm lazy in the kitchen though i'm capable of cooking). Thank you so much for the link to Cocoa V - the Vegan Chocolate Shop New York City.