Friday, June 11, 2010

Sassy New Neighbour:

I'm so excited to be invited to special guest panel including chef Rossella Rago and actress Fran Drescher. This is a super fun site with a lot of great fashion and lifestyle tips from some sassy and chic chicas :)

Check out some of my fave fashion tips here

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Panty Buns said...

Watched a short video of you at ValSecrets. Love the corset, your blogs, your designs and you. That was the first time i've visited ValSecrets. I'ts great to hear your voice.. Do you have a YouTube channel too? You have really impressed with your lingerie. Very, very tangentially, as you know, i have a YouTube channel (misterpantybuns). If you have a YouTube channel i would love to subscribe to it.
i have been having trouble finding news reports and photos from the various 2010 Dyke Marches around the country. Is it just that i'm missing it or have these marches been way, way under-reported?
There was a notice of the The 2010 San Francisco Dyke March on the website of the dykemarch dot org but i found almost nothing in the news.
i did find a blog post on the 2010 New York City Dyke March by Cherry Girl, and there were three good photos posted by Sarah Hemja on her blog post at Writing With Lipstick - NYC: Day 13-15. One of the three photos near the bottom of the post was of two T.W.A.T. team members.
Photos were being asked for at the website of the Boston Dyke March.
There were photos from the 2007 New York Dyke March in a Blather From Brooklyn blog post.
i hope that it's just that i'm just not looking in the right places or that the participants seem to happy and not that the stories are being buried like the anti-war protests used to be because the participants are gay women.
Back to your lingerie designing: Your lingerie designs look fantastic!!!!!