Thursday, September 4, 2008


Dear FND,
Hello. I find you attractive. I like your tail. Also your hair looks pet-able. I was just wondering if you do any sort of Q and A. I mean, I know you have T&A (Hey-ooo!!!)but seriously...I hav a question. I am a gay, homosexual lesbian woman who is hosting a bachelorette dinner for a group of straighties. It will not be too wild but I need a place that has dinner and provides a good after dinner drinking environment as well. Thanks you for your advice. Love, a massive admirer

Hey cutie-
thats a tricky's the thing. straight girls love being the center of attention-even if they say they dont want big deal made, they do! ESPECIALLY*but not limited to* bachelorettes, b-day girls, just married girls, recently divorced girls...

sooo I would recommend going somewhere where they will make a BIG fuss over her:

1) LIPS- draq queen bar in the w village. great drinks and entertaining show. Totes overpriced food though:  2 Bank Street (at Greenwich)

2) Jekyll & Hyde- funny theme restaraunt in greenwich village. waiters will sing to you and cause a creeped me out a bit but food and drinks were awesome 91 7th Ave south of christopher

3)  Ellens Stardust Diner: 1950s themed restaraunt with drive in movie screens, ms subway pagent hall of fame and singing waitstaff  1659 Broadway  @ 51st Street

Good luck ;)

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