Friday, June 12, 2009


Necklaces are always a super sweet gift for someone special because: 1) who doesn't love jewelry? 2) they'll subconsciously think of you each time they wear it. As always, I feel the more creative the piece, the better. My girlfriend wrote a blog back in March and said of our hollywood-style romance: "Wow, tie me up and call me Nelly, I think I’m about to be a one-saddle pony." I got her a sterling silver saddle shortly after;) .

She's also a bit of a closet nerd so I recently found the above scrabble tile necklaces here and sent one for good luck for her latest weekend scrabble tournament with her fam.

If you need want something that already has the sentiment spelled out for you Dogeared Jewelry, made in California, creates adorable gold and silver charm necklaces with creative descriptions such as their silver boot "Kick Ass" necklace for "believing in your strengths, smarts and ability to kick some ass!".

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