Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pre-game your dates from the comfort of your laptop...

OK, so I know what you're thinking..Drink and surf the net before a big date:WTF?
no, no. I was recently explaining to my friend, who we'll call Butch Cassidy, that I used to "pre-game" my dates by going to the neighbourhood the night before to assess the area, how long it took to get there, what bars were near the restaraunt for a cocktail afterward etc...so i'd look super-suave the night of the date

BUT this AWESOME new website: www.walkscore.com
allows you to type in any address and find out what bars, restaraunts, even drugstores are in the vicinity and how close all these things are to walk to...It even gives a "walkability" score if you are deciding between locations

check it out before your next night out!!!

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