Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just Do It

I love romantic surprises...planning them, giving them, recieving them...I live for it.
That's why I find it so sad when friends of mine complain about how rarely their boyfriends, husbands etc take the time to put together thoughtful little gifts.

The thing is...while lavish amounts of money are is more than just the thought that counts. It's the execution. It's super easy (and annoyingly lazy) to tell your lady about what you had "thought" about doing/planning/buying... it takes a true romantic to follow through and DO it.

My girlfriend and I have both been intensely busy with our respective careers in addition to a summer full of travelling. I'm meeting her family at their summer home in Hilton head this weekend so she made me a power point brochure of all the fun things she has planned for us when I arrive. She sent it to me with a very 'effortless-oh-here-go' nonchalantness, but I was blown away by how thoughtful and creative this was! Naturally I made all my co-workers rush over to look at it/brag :)

Similarly when she was having a bad day on Monday I overnighted her childhood favourite book, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day to her office...with some hand written revisions I had added in especially for her. She loved this more than any designer garment I've ever gotten her.

So get creative might be surprised at how much fun you have doing it!

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