Thursday, September 3, 2009

My New Favourite Toy!!

You thought I was gonna post something from BABELAND didn't you?
Actually this months pick is totes G rated. This awesome little gadget was sent to me and two of my co-workers this week as a gift and we can't stop playing with them!!

They were designed as a tool for peeps with ADD and/or who just need an outlet in never ending meetings. The fidget is a cute little toy that could be discreetly used at work/school etc. (So much chicer and less annoying than pen tapping- besides don't accessories make everything better?) It's an awesome gift for an ADD hottie or for yoursef;)

Check it out at FIDGETMAN.COM

I recommend the Chainy. It's pretty badass and can double as brass knuckles in an emergency! My co-workers are also in love with the Noah

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