Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Perfect Passport

I accidentally stumbled upon this site while doing research for our upcoming SS2011 lingerie styleguide and fell in love with its kitchy layout and adorably packaged panties. Passport Panties is a lingerie company started by some sassy Texan ladies who have a passion for panties and being prepared (two of my great loves as well!)

Each pair of underwear is packaged in an adorable colour coordinating passport carrycase. The sets range from their signature "Predicament Panty" (10.00: boyshort, panty liner, deodorant, cleansing towelette and piece of chocolate candy) , to their "Playful Panty" (10.00: boyshort, maincure set, deodorant, cleansing towelette) and their "Primping Panty" (10.00: thong, hairspray, breathmints,body lotion, deodorant, cleansing towelette).

So whether you want to send it to your sweetie to celebrate an upcoming trip, or you just want to provide a chocolate filled passport to say "sorry its that time of the month" Passport Panties make a cute and affordable gift!

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Anne said...

These are great (whether your 'coming' or going). Whether your visiting abroad or visiting a broad. For instance, you might take them when you go to tHONG KONG later this year.